Mission & Priorities


The Milwaukee Education Partnership (MEP) was formed by educators and civic leaders with the overarching goal to improve the education of children through better teacher preparation, recruitment and retention.  As the MEP grew, the mission expanded to ensure every child in Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) is performing at or above grade level in reading, writing, mathematics and science through shared responsibility for student success.  The MEP will seek to help MPS navigate the challenges facing large urban school districts, including:

  • Raising graduation rates
  • Advocating for public education
  • Improving student learning and access to higher education opportunities
  • Professional development of teachers and administrators
  • Identifying resources to support its mission

To accomplish its goals, the MEP will seek grants and funding to increase resources for better teaching and learning.



Our partnership with the MEP [Milwaukee Education Partnership] is essential to the work that we are trying to do every day and making sure that our students are prepared but also that we are developing a workforce that can help nurture our students and get them to be the leaders tomorrow.
 - Dr. Darienne Driver, Former Superintendent, Milwaukee Public Schools

"Education is the number one route out of poverty and the number one route to provide opportunity."
- Dr. Michael Bonds, Former Milwaukee School Board Member 


Since its inception in 1999 as the Milwaukee Partnership Academy, or MPA, the primary goals of the MEP have remained constant. They are:

  • Assist Milwaukee children in obtaining grade level proficiency or beyond in reading, writing, mathematics and science.
  • Provide greater opportunities for Milwaukee youth to obtain a two-year or four-year higher education degree.
  • Provide support to teachers and administrators in Milwaukee Public Schools through high quality professional development programs.

Our partners include more than 40 organizations and the senior leaders of a core group of these, who function as the MEP’s Executive Partners. The Executive Partners meet monthly to set the framework for the collaborations that their institutions and others will engage in and to discuss items and initiatives related to our mission and priorities.

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