Executive Committee

The Milwaukee Partnership Academy (MPA) was founded by a group of partner organizations, and an Executive Committee for the MPA was established consisting of the senior leaders of what was identified as the core partners.

Founding Executive Committee of the Milwaukee Partnership Academy

Sam Carmen, Executive Director
Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association

Dr. Darnell Cole, President
Milwaukee Area Technical College

Dr. Spence Korte, Superintendent
Milwaukee Public Schools

Gerard Randall, Chief Executive Officer
Private Industry Council

Timothy Sheehy, President
Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce

Jeff Spence, President
Milwaukee Board of School Directors

Dr. Nancy Zimpher, Chancellor
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

The Executive Committee was renamed the Executive Partners in 2005.  Changes in leadership and core partner organizations have also occurred over the years, but this group continues, even with the change of the organization’s name from Milwaukee Partnership Academy (MPA) to Milwaukee Education Partnership, Inc. (MEP) in 2013.