The Milwaukee Partnership Academy (MPA), before changing to the Milwaukee Education Partnership, Inc. in 2013, was a PK-16 Council of education, labor, business, government, university, foundation, parent and community groups.  The MPA included a group of core members (the Executive Partners) who were the leaders of their organizations and a variety of representatives from these and other partner organizations.  The work of the MPA was carried out through an Executive Director, working under the direction of the Executive Partners.  Details of MPA initiatives were worked on through the Implementation Team which included appointed representatives from participating organizations and through work groups which included Implementation Team members and others from partner organizations.

The Organization Model for the Milwaukee Partnership Academy (MPA) was created as a result of a two-day retreat of all the MPA partners held in April 2005.  The model provided a way of visually expressing the structure that evolved over the life of the MPA.

The following is a brief description of each of the components of the model at work within the MPA. 

Executive Partners

This group was initially called the Executive Committee and was renamed the Executive Partners.  It was composed of the leaders of the core partners of the MPA.  They provided the ongoing direction and overarching goals and objectives for the work of the MPA.

Office of the Executive Director

This included the Executive Director of the MPA and other support staff for the MPA.

MPA Fiscal Agent

The Executive Partner that would oversee the MPA financial accounts.


The Partners group included over 40 different organizations/agencies, most in the Milwaukee area.  In the beginning monthly meetings, and later on quarterly meetings, were held.  Representatives from partner organizations/agencies would also participate on MPA work groups.

Implementation Team

The Implementation Team held regular meetings and provided the input for the day-to-day work of the MPA.  The Implementation Team was responsible for taking the goals and objectives that had been identified for the MPA and developing, reviewing, and modifying the strategies to accomplish these goals and objectives.  It coordinated and aligned the efforts of the work groups and was the “think tank” and problem-solving group of the MPA.  Membership included the work group co-chairs along with other appointed members, and it was chaired by the MPA Executive Director.

Work Groups

The Work Groups developed and implemented the yearly work plans to reach the MPA goals and objectives, working regularly on various projects and initiatives.  The membership of each work group included individuals in key leadership roles in the partner organizations of the MPA.  Various work groups were formed, changed, dissolved and added over the years based on the changing needs and objectives of the MPA.  For more information about the last major work groups of the MPA, click here.

Metropolitan Milwaukee Area Deans of Education (Deans Group)

The MMADE was comprised of deans/representatives from local private higher education institutions, the local public higher education institution, and the local two-year technical college.  Monthly meetings included the MPA Executive Director and Milwaukee Public Schools district leadership representative(s) and discussion on local education issues and how higher education could support the goals and objectives of the MPA.  Feedback and support were provided to the Executive Partners, the Implementation Team and the Work Groups.